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Zom-B Goddess is the twelfth and final installment in the Zom-B series.


B Smith has escaped from the murderous clown Mr. Dowling, only to find herself trapped by someone she had once thought of as an ally. As B learns more about the twisted history of the zombie virus, she prepares to make a final stand against her enemies--even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.


B is still held in place by Owl Man. Rage enters as well and Oystein tells Owl man she is ready to listen and to release her, she lunges at him and is stopped by Owl man, she then does this again and Oystein gives up. Owl man reveals he hypnotized her not when she was little but when she was in the Groove Tube after Timothy Jackson was killed by Holy Moly. Rage has read the files to she forgot all about him telling her to go to the brewery. Oystein then tells her he will tell her the full truth but first has Owl man use his hold over her to find out about the vial of Schlesinger-10 and that she has it, he however doesn’t take it yet. He then tells his history again however now he includes what he left out. When the brothers Dowling were prisoners of the Nazi’s the created the first zombies and became the first thinking ones for the had injected themselves with the vaccine. They set the other zombies free and destroyed the files, the facility and the zombies. But Oystein became convinced humanity sinned too much and needed to be punished severely. So he started to perfect the virus while Dowling believed they were trying to halt the spread of it. Oystein wanted to release the virus after the war but he also didn’t want to leave nothing behind. Albrecht meanwhile was working to create an army of mutants to fight the zombies and when he came up with the babies, Oystein knew they were the future he longed for. He started to perfect the vaccine, in order to have his army of Angels to reshape the world to his liking. Oystein also worked on Schlesinger-10 to get rid of the remaining humans. But he got the reverse much easier Clements-13 which could destroy all the zombies. This led to a row between the brothers. Sakarias then veers up, someone is coming. Its three of Albrecht Dowling’s mutants. The dog is set loose on them and it kills the two men, but the girl Claudia is allowed to life even though she dares them to kill her. Owl man tells her to go, to leave her walkie talkie and report to Mr. Dowling that he has won, they have Becky and it is over. They decide to leave by boat and head for a laboratory. Tom was the only child to survive the Nazi’s, he was adopted by an English family the whites. He however started doing his own genetic experiments and they hired him without revealing themselves but once they did he dedicated himself to their cause. Albrecht was furious when he learned Oystein had created the zombie killing virus without telling him, they fought and Oystein while fighting plunged a filled syringe into his throat, injecting him with one of the mutants strains Albrecht was studying. This left him in an in-between state and a messed up brain. Making him the insane clown he is today. Owl man, Tom White was working elsewhere and got an altered version of the truth, he continued working for Oystein but also tracked down his now chaos loving father. He wasn’t the clown yet but he did want the world to reflect the chaos in his head and determined to keep the living around as well. Owl Man decided to serve both of them help and hinder both as he saw fit. Albrecht was fascinated with the babies and only wanted to stop Oystein partially. When Albrecht got close to cloning a crop of babies he decided to pick a side, he betrayed Oystein and planned to kill him then convince his father to build up the babies and mutants and have them fight with humanity instead of the zombies. His attempt failed (because of Zhang) and he made off with the Schlesinger-10, which only worked due to some unrepeatable fluke. Rage is excited to learn that the only thing that can wipe out humanity is within B and now has been brought to the person who wants to use it most. They dock at the O2 arena, the biggest and most ugliest domed building every created. They enter it through a service entrance and he leads them through his hidden laboratory. He reveals a freezer here is filled with human embryos he believe the human race must be wiped out but he wants there to be humans to guide and protect the growing grey babies. His angels are there for that task. He however is ready to go at the same time she is, his angels will keep hope alive and guide the future of the babies. Owl Man returned to Oystein when he realized it was too late, the apocalypse would happen, he made sure there weren’t any glitches to the plan. He need to bring Albrecht out of hiding and the chaos of the apocalypse would just that. He had faith he could eventually get his hands on the Schlesinger-10 and now that he has they can press ahead. Rid the world of humans, put Albrecht out of his misery, take care of the babies and build a race of leaders worthy of the globe. Rage mentions he hasn’t explained the embryo’s yet. Oystein reveals his angels would need to keep feeding for the hundred years it will take for the babies to mature. When the anti-human virus is released their food source dries up so within 10 to 20 years the earth will be save again for humans and then these embryos will be raised until they are a year or two, then harvest their brains for the Angels to feed on. This revelation even makes Rage look queasy. He feels that after WW2 humanity doesn’t deserve to life, for they abused the gift to long, but the babies will know no creed, religion or divisions. They will grow up and aim for the stars to spread love and joy. When he met her he didn’t know how special she was, Owl Man kept working for the both of them and never told him how special she was or how the babies saw her as their mother. Oystein tells her she is a goddess that will bring death and fresh life to the world. Oystein reveals a stack of bibles and Owl Man explains that he got close enough to his father to learn many things form his mind but he used her to go after the Schlesinger-10. They knew faith would get her to Dowling and the vial and it did. Rage quips in that even though he is an atheist it is all too much to be coincidence. Oystein opens the bible and reveals the Clements-13 that is inside. He then tells her to show her hers. However she doesn’t give it, Owl Man thinks she has broken his hold but she hasn’t they asked her if she found and had the vial. Which she did, they also asked where she stored it, namely inside herself, but they didn’t ask her if she still had it. Which she doesn’t. Owl Man demands to know where it is, but she can’t tell them, she explains that when she thought County Hall and Oystein had fallen she told her baby Holy Moly to take it and hide it away were nobody but it could find it. Rage loves this, just like Dowling he loves chaos and trickery. Owl Man asks for the vial of Clements-13 but isn’t given it. However Oystein regains his senses he says they can push ahead, Albrecht can command the baby to retrieve the vial and they can attack him and wipe him out once he does. Oystein wants to gamble and take the offensive, he also decides to keep his vial on him. They go to Bow Quarter where the Angels are based now. Oystein tells them that Rage can’t be an angel but is here now to serve his own purposes. He tells them that he has had to make uneasy alliances but that B got the Schlesinger-10 away from Dowling so they now must attack and defeat him. Those Angels not in the know are looped in about the viruses. They go off to prepare for battle. Owl Man tells her the end is near and B tells him they are worse than the Nazi’s. He leads her to a room and commands her not to tell anyone about the last 24 hours and allows her to go free otherwise, later Carl, Shane and Ashtat come to her new room. They fill her in on what has happened since she trailed Rage to the exchange. After Dowling attack the Power Station they swept in and rescued the survivors. They continue to spend time together talking about more everyday stuff, they are all excited about the final battle which is about to take place. She is left alone until Rage fetches her, he can control her a bit but doesn’t set her free, he likes his partnership with Owl Man. She sees that Soldiers and Klanners are also including in Oystein’s new army. Rage thought about telling Ingrid everything but didn’t he wants to see the brothers square off. They come to a command hub, in it are gathered Owl man, Oystein, Master Zhang, Reilly, several army officers including Josh, Vicky Wedge and dressed in KKK robes Justin Bazini. They discuss the upcoming battle, Oystein has revealed much to main command, he believe the mutants will mostly switch sides when Dowling has been dealt with and the babies can be controlled then as well. Then B will get the vial. Justin is surprised to learn she is under Owl Man’s control and tells them it is time for war. They roll out, Angels, Soldiers, Klanners and even some civilians mixed in. Owl Man quizzes her about Dowling’s base, he has always been brought there blindfolded. He hasn’t realized he hasn’t ordered her to stay close to him, so she can slip away. They march towards Tube station, Justin and Vicky march with them, the angels clear out all the zombies and defeat four of the mutants on watch, one of which escapes so Dowling is pre-warned. Justin leaves telling B he will watch things live through the camera’s on soldier helmets from a new headquarters. He just wanted to be recorded as being part of the final push, he has a photographer with him. Justin leaves but tells Vicky she will need to remain to coordinate their troops and make sure their wishes are followed. He then leaves by helicopter and B is almost glad that the end of humanity means the end of Justin. Josh then whistle and calls the troops to advance. The panel hiding the entrance is removed and B has to take the lead into the narrow tunnel after Oystein convinces Josh it is the only way to end things. Owl man commands her not to lead them astray, she goes into the tunnel followed by the entire army after a long descend the mutants attack the army further back from side tunnels that are all around them. Then the babies charge in, ignoring those near B, they attack those that are behind them. They make it to a cavern which fills up with the entire army, which is only due to their loses, then as they prepare to go forward again zombies spill into the cavern. Their ranks fall and mutants, babies and more zombies come in when they do. Oystein tells Josh and the other they must press ahead, the others are useless sacrifice if they don’t. The small group of angels, soldier and klanners around B move on. The group includes Oystein, Zhang, Owl Man, Sakarias, Rage, Carl, Ashtat, Shane, Ivor, Ingrid, Vicky, Josh and Reilly. They move ahead and encounter Holy Moly and B tells it to run which it does but they catch up with it, but B know it is intentionally leading them somewhere. Eventually they come to Dowlings base of operations where he and the mutants including Claudia and Kinslow are looking over a map with an army of babies at their feet. Holy Moly climbs upon Dowling and tells him, he brought mummy and that they should kiss and make up. Albrecht communicates with her telepathically asking about the vial but before she can answer Owl Man interferes and he understand immediately that Owl Man messed with her mind which caused their wedding night to go amiss. She asks to communicate better with Dowling and Owl Man grants it. Dowling reveals he thought Owl Man too well. He then converses with Oystein, using Kinslow as his voice, he tricks Oystein in revealing he lost the vial and then he orders the babies to attack. The fight start between the brothers and their forces, more babies pour in they leave B alone and move on the humans and on Owl Man and his dog. They kill the dog and B tries to leave but is grabbed by Rage who tells her no one leaves the endgame. She then sees Kinslow scythe Ashtat in the head. Shane attacks Kinslow in retaliation. She staggers towards B and Rage, then Claudia throws a gun at Kinslow who shoots it through Shane’s head but the bullet snags on his chains and veers off partially. Then Kinslow gets up and yanks the scythe from Ashtat’s head killing her. Ivor and Ingrid make their way to the fighting brothers but Ivor is shot in the head. Ingrid attacks Dowling but he unleashes a stream of ants upon her which bite into the flesh of her face. Then a zombie staggers in behind the soldiers that are still standing being commanded by Josh and Reilly. Reilly kills the zombie but is scratched so he kills himself before getting a chance to turn. Carl leaps to them and Rage asks Owl Man what to do, he commands B to summon Holy Moly, she does this and then he forces her to ask it to bring them to the vial. She shakes her head and then reveals it is inside the hole in her head. All three stare at it, but B communicates with the baby telling it to jump Owl Man. It does this and as Owl Man opens his lips to command B, it jams the vial in his mouth and start damaging it before tearing apart it alongside with Owl Man’s tongue, leaving him literally speechless. The baby jumps back and she escapes from Rage grasps and takes the vial from Holy Moly. She asks if he want the vial and the responsibility he doesn’t. She then asks him to release her from Owl Man influences which he does. She tells Carl the truth and Rage agrees she is telling the truth, she tugs the vial back into her body and ask Carl to take her to the fighting brothers which he does. She takes the vial of Clements-13 from Oystein’s pocket and removes the first cork. Zhang sees this and stops coming towards them, she removes the second vial and then throws the tube to the floor. It smashes releasing the Clements-13. It splashes on the floor most of the fighting stops, but nothing happens no fumes rise from it. She tells Oystein he was wrong the living must always be given a second choice. She begins to tell they have two weeks left and can work together to prepare the humans for their takeover. Oystein however doesn’t reply to her, he smiles at her instead. He tells her he is very sly as Zhang finishes of Ingrid who is still fighting the flesh eating ants on her. Oystein tells her he always mixed truth with lies. He created the zombie virus first. The fighting stops as everyone backs away from the living. The brothers fight happened after he made the zombie killing virus. He was close to making the human killing virus when Zachary betrayed him. When he told her about the viruses he switched the names. Clements-13 which she just released is the human killing virus and Schlesinger-10 is the zombie killing one. He lied to her when he had her in his grasp in hope she would do the deed of killing the remaining humans, so he wouldn’t have to. He addresses the remaining angels telling them that is their purpose and that he left instructions with their fellow angels across the globe. Vicky and Josh get angry and ask if it can be stopped, sealed in or cured. But it can’t. Oystein thinks he has victory but B pretends to vomit and then releases the second virus. The zombie killing one, as Zhang charges at her. Oystein is angry and Zhang charges at her but is shot three times in the head by Rage. She tells him he is the same as the Nazi’s that they turned him into them and that he doesn’t have the right to pass judgment on humans even though some of them are rotten to the core, now she has cut down the whole tree humans and undead will all die. Dowling ask for her to stay by his side, but she tells him his babies can stay with him then agrees they are theirs. She then calls out to Holy Moly and has it lead her to the surface, leaving the soon to be dead people behind. Rage follows behind and tells her, she really screwed them all. He tells her Oystein made him believe in hope and then took it away but he never became as dark as he was again. Rage leaves stating he will use the coming forthnight to have as many adventures as he can. She then goes to Bow quarter to tell Ciara what Reilly said before he died and let the twins know it is over for all of them. She will then go to County Hall and set Mr. Burke free. Then she will go to New Kirkham to tell Jakob the news and allow them to prepare for the end. If they don’t kill her she will go back to County Hall to slip into the Groove Tubes to meet the end there. She contemplates the fate of the world and then gets up to run her errands.

Later she thinks it is the end but she hears someone tell her to wait until he has mopped away the liquid. Her mouth is full of overgrown teeth so she can’t shout or say anything to the person mopping up. She then remembers going to the twins who promised her to set Burke free, saving her some time. They would then look for Oystein, since they love for him hasn’t diminished after learning the truth. Ciara stayed in Bow Quarter in case the Angels returned, she didn’t cry in front of them when learning Reilly’s fate but B is sure she must have wept for him. She then made it to New Kirkham where she told Jakob everything who told her to go back, he would tell them the bad news regardless of what they might do to him. It took her four days to return to London and slip into a Groove Tube. She is surprised at how her teeth have grown, in her mind only a few days could have passed at the most if somebody removed her from the tube to bear witness to the end. The person cleans out her stomach and tells her she won’t need an enema this time, then fixes the voicebox Dowling installed. The person asks her to say something and she asks what they want her to say. The person is amazed at how clear her voice is after all this time. She gets special sunglasses which makes the room very bright, she tries to get up but her toe bones get in the way and the persons starts taking care of them. The person tells her she has never been in the tube this long, she doesn’t understand and asks if the viruses failed but gets told they didn’t. Every human, zombie and mutant perished. She starts asking more question but gets told, she will be told everything when he is done with her bones and she has showered and been clothed. She looks up to the person who is taking care of her and sees it is an it, with brown hair and a hole in its head. It’s a grown up Holy Moly. It tells her they will fix up her ears and stomach better then daddy did. It tells her they didn’t understand why everyone fell death one day, for decades. The viruses were only active for several years and the groove tube slowed down her decay and the virus and then when it was gone started to restore her. Dowling engineered them so they might survive the viruses, which they did. The tube kept her in a nice neutral state for centuries. Oystein didn’t know the tubes could help them survive the virus, others both recovering and choosing to face the end this way put themselves inside the tubes around the world. They however discovered them too late, they didn’t leave the country until after 216 year, they took them out of the tubes and buried them. She asks one of them how long she was in there and learns it has been 999 years and 357 days. Tomorrow is the anniversary of when she released the viruses it will then be a thousand years since the end began. She asks what it is like out there and if they brought about the paradise that Oystein wanted. And did they bring back the human race from the frozen embryos. And are wars a thing of the past? It tells he she will find out and explains they waited so long for they used their time to grow up, explore the planet, lay the foundations for their society and clone themselves. She wants to look into the courtyard but learn the Thames flooded a long time ago and much of London is underwater they moved her somewhere safe. She asks were but he doesn’t answer. She tells him she never shied away from a challenge. It tells her the bitch is back and knowing it is a compliment she answers “Damn right and ready to roll.” She then opens a door and steps out into the future to see what it has in store for her.

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  • My book ends with 17 blank pages, which are either there by mistake or the symbolize that the future is a blank page as Shan notes, in his author's notes.

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