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Wester Flack
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Relatives Jess Flack (father)
Unnamed mother
Jon Flack (brother)
Unnamed sister
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Larten Crepsley
First Book Appearance Birth of a Killer

Wester Flack is a vampire and Larten Crepsley's best friend. The two were assistants to Seba Nile in their youth. His family was murdered by Murlough when he was young and he was forbidden from seeking revenge, so he starts to resent all vampaneze.

He betrays Larten by murdering his girlfriend and putting the blame on a vampaneze in an attempt to start a war against them. He's then killed by Larten when he finds the truth.


Wester has short brown hair and is described as having a slender figure.


He is brave and optimistic, despite not being as strong in combat as Larten. He quickly adjusts to his new life as a vampire, valuing brawns and courage and looking down on humans. After his family was killed by Murlough, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge on him, resulting in a grudge that escalates into a desire to wipe all vampaneze. He's willing to sacrifice anything that gets in the way of this plan, even Larten's girlfriend.

Wester adores Larten and sees him as his "blood brother". He's very caring towards him, and always gave way to him, acknowledging himself as the "number two" of Seba's assistants. Despite this, Wester won't hesitate to manipulate him for the sake of his revenge against vampaneze. He also doesn't have much sympathy for anyone that isn't Seba or Larten and the only reason he spares Sylva is because he knows it will upset Larten more.


The Saga of Larten Crepsley

Birth of a Killer

« He butchered my entire family. I can never forgive or forget that. I will seek revenge, either as a vampire or a human. »

(Wester's reply after Seba tells him he will never accomplish his vengance)

Wester's family had been murdered by Murlough during the night. The reason he was spared was because he went to sleep somewhere else, annoyed with his brother's snoring. The next day, he goes to the church to mourn his family and meets Larten for the first time. The two become friends and go to confront Murlough at the abandoned Slaytons mansion. Wester is knocked unconscious during the scuffle, however Larten refuses to back down and allow Murlough to kill Wester. Intrigued, Murlough allows Wester to live, but flees so as not to have another encounter with him in the future.

Seba Nile allows Wester to serve alongside Larten as his assistant. Soon after, when Larten comes of age, he and Wester are blooded as half-vampires. Wester learns that vampires can't kill vampaneze, because they were trying to keep peace between the clans. This increased his resentment over Murlough and the vampaneze.

In the years to come, Larten becomes frustrated with Seba's training and the two part ways, with Wester following Larten. They join Tanish Eul as members of The Cubs.

Ocean of Blood

« Desmond Tiny would beg to differ. He said the vampaneze would unite behind a mighty leader one night, that their Lord would lead them into war with us and wipe us from the face of the Earth. »

(Wester telling Larten about the upcoming Lord of the Vampaneze)

Larten and Wester remain with The Cubs through 1840, when a vampaneze named Randel Chayne confronts the group. Chayne challenges The Cubs to battle, but when Tanish doesn't step forward, Zula Pone instead offers himself in Tanish's place, and is killed as a result. Tanish then leaves The Cubs in shame for his cowardice - prompting Larten and Wester to return to Seba a few years later.

During the American Civil War, Seba brought Larten and Wester to meet Evanna, the Lady of the Wilds. Evanna associated with both the vampires and the vampaneze, something which bothered Wester. Larten and Wester then return to Vampire Mountain in order to undergo the Trials of Initiation. Larten passes his trials without issue, however Wester is severely injured by one of the blooded boars in his second trial. Fearful that he would die as a result of his injuries in the coming trials - Wester asks that Larten hunt down and kill Murlough in the event of his death, however Larten refuses. Though Wester struggles, he ultimately passes the Trials of Initiation, and both he and Larten begin training to become a guard and a Vampire General respectively. 

During the Vampire Mountain Council of 1868, Seba is asked to become the quartermaster of Vampire Mountain, which he accepts. In response, Larten and Wester remain with their master in order to continue their training. After tending to a mass of corpses piled up in the river connecting to the Hall of Final Voyage, Larten considers his own mortality and opts to abandon his training and set out on his own. 

Palace of the Damned

« What's not to hate? They betrayed the clan and killed many of us in the war. They're murderers. »

(Wester debating with Kurda about vampaneze)

In wake of his exile, Larten returns to Vampire Mountain, where he reunites with Wester, who is now a guard. Afterwards, Vancha March tells Larten about how a vampaneze had murdered Arrow's family, and that he was now on a suicide mission to eradicate all vampaneze. At the same time, Seba requests that Larten take Wester with him and Vancha, as he is worried about Wester's resentment against vampaneze and is worried it might get him killed one day.

When Larten, Vancha, and Wester find Arrow, Wester manages to convince Arrow to rejoin the Clan so that they could rally other vampires who also hate the vampaneze as much as they do. Concerned over Wester's intent, Larten and Wester part ways with Vancha and Arrow - allowing Vancha to talk some sense into him while Larten and Wester reconnect with Evanna. 

Returning to Vampire Mountain, Larten and Wester learn that Paris Skyle intends on electing Mika ver Leth to be a Prince - something which Wester is strongly opposed to, as he'd rather a Prince who would take a stand against the vampaneze. This interests Kurda Smahlt, who Larten watches argue with Wester about the vampaneze for hours on end.

Brothers to the Death

« I didn't want to do it, but ultimately she was only one woman. What's a single life measured against the lives of everyone in our clan? »

(Wester admitting he killed Alicia)

Wester decides to resume his quest for revenge and gathers allies against the vampaneze, hoping to start a war against them. His campaign was succesful until around 1939 where a lot of vampires began seeing parallels with Wester's anti-vampaneze campaign and Hitler's Nazis. Suddenly speaking ill of the vampaneze was a taboo subject.

Wester reunites with Larten years later and he asks him to join his anti-vampaneze cause. He refuses, so Desmond Tiny, convinces Wester that in order to bring Larten to his side, he must kill someone he loves and put the blame on the vampaneze. Wester does so by killing Chayne, then kill Larten's girlfriend, Alicia Dunyck and convinces him it was Chayne's doing. Larten goes in a pointless wild goose chase for years in search for Chayne.

20 years later, Larten reconnects with Sylva, Alicia's daughter who blamed him for her mother's death. She sees Wester in the Cirque du Freak and tells Larten that Wester lied to him and he was her mother's true killer. Larten goes to confront Wester, who admits he spared Sylva in the past because he didn't want to upset Larten more. Still, he doesn't regret killing Alicia, saying her death was necessary for the sake of his revenge against vampaneze. Distraught, Larten challenges Wester to a fair fight, in which the latter dies. Before dying, he says he still loves Larten like a brother.

Larten mourns Wester's death and although never physically visiting his grave, he mentally dwelled upon it for years to come.


  • Ironically, Gavner Purl in the 2009 film has a personality similar to Wester, courageous, uptight and with a hatred for vampaneze.
  • His friendship with Larten mirrors the one Darren Shan and Steve Leonard have in the sequel. Just like Steve, he's brave, optimistic and protective towards his best friend, but his heart is filled with revenge and resentment. He also changes for the worse after his friend's absence, won't hesitate to hurt innocents for the sake of his revenge and falls victim to Mr. Tiny's manipulations.