Vanez Blane
Vanez Blane
Profession Tutor
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Vampire Mountain
Movie/Book Character none
First Movie Appearance none
Acted By none

Vanez Blane is the highest ranked tutor in Vampire Mountain. He helped Darren train for three of his trials. He lost his left eye fighting a lion many decades before the beginning of the series, then lost the other (book 6) when it was caught by a flying knife during the battle that began the War of the Scars. Being blind didn't stop him though, nor did it prevent him from winning fights. he was also described as "ginger-haired games master" in hunters of the dusk, which means he has red hair. In book 11, Vanez said that he wanted to travel with Debbie Hemlock and Alice Burgess, but he only wanted to go because of the sexy Ms Hemlock

Appearances Edit

  • "Vampire mountain"
  • "Trials of death"
  • "The vampire prince"
  • "Hunters of the dusk"