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A Vampire Prince is one of the leaders of the Vampire clan. They are highly respected and obeyed by all. Most vampires become princes due to the strength they possess, however, there have been known to have been exceptions, such as in the case of Darren Shan

Known Princes

Arrow, Paris, Mika (from left to right) from the manga by Takahiro Arai


Vampire Princes have the same abilites as any other vampire, with the only other power being the ability to open the Hall of Princes. They are authoritative figures and no one will disobey their judgment. They can fail the Trials of Initiation as many times as they want and not suffer the punishment of being taken to the Hall of Death.


The title of Vampire Prince is the highest position of power in the Vampire society, as well as its highest honor. There is no fixed way to become a Prince, though most Princes prove themselves through many battles and attain the trust and admiration of his fellow Vampires. 

To be nominated for the position, one of the current Princes must vouch for the vampire. If all other Princes agree, then the vampire is automatically a Prince. If one of the current Princes disagrees, a vote is done by the Vampire Generals and the majority vote will decide whether or not the vampire becomes a Prince. If two or more of the current Princes disagrees, then the vampire doesn't become a Prince.

Hall of Princes

The Hall of Princes is the central chamber in Vampire Mountain, located at its core. It was built for the Vampire Princes by Desmond Tiny and his Little People. Crafted with substances unknown to anyone but Tiny. The hall is perfectly smooth on all sides and is completely indestructible by any known means. Desmond declared that a thousand Vampaneze couldn't put a scratch on the structure while demonstrating that he is capable of destroying the whole thing with a snap of his fingers.The hall can also only be opened by a Vampire Prince and Desmond Tiny, and is the chosen place to hold Stone of Blood.

The Hall of Princes is also where the princes usually reside during the day. It is used as a council room for discussing matters requiring the Princes' attention. During the war against the Vampaneze, it became the main operations base  for the Vampire forces.