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« In agreeing to undergo the Trials of Initiation in order to restore Mr. Crepsley's honor, Darren may have bitten off more than a half-vampire can chew. Each trial is taxing than the last, and despite his resolve, Darren simply may not be up to the task! In the depths of Vampire Mountain, though, a threat even deadlier than the Trials is stirring... »

Trials of Death (バンパイアの試練 Banpaia no Shiren) is volume 5 of the The Saga of Darren Shan manga.


  • "A Vampire Couple"
  • "The First Trial"
  • "The Second Trial"
  • "The Festival Begins"
  • "The Third Trial"
  • "Mr. Crepsley's Hope"
  • "Ultimate Desperation"
  • "Life or Death?"
  • "An Unexpected Turn of Events"
  • "Even in Death"

Novel Differences

  • When Gavner dies in the novel, Darren notices that when he says his last words, he looks distant as if he were saying them to someone else. The manga shows that he was thinking of his ex-girlfriend, Liz Carr.
  • In the novel, Glalda asks some of his fellow vampaneze to help Kurda when he tries to help Darren from the torrent. In the manga, he does it himself.