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The Disciples are a group of Mages from "The Demonata" series. They travel the world and the Demons' universes attempting to keep humans safe from the Demons. Their long-term goal is to find the legendary Kah-Gash, a weapon that is said to be able to either destroy the human universe or the Demonata universes and every demon in them.

List of Disciples

Name First Appearance Status Book Count Notes
Beranabus "Demon Thief" Deceased 5 Leader
Kernel Fleck "Demon Thief" Alive, blind 6 Part of the Kah-Gash
Shark "Demon Thief" Deceased 7 Male Disciple . Killed by a demon master.
Sharmila Mukherji "Demon Thief" Deceased 7 Female Disciple. Died to save the others
Dervish Grady "Lord Loss" Deceased 9 Grubbs Grady's uncle. Died from a heart attack and wounds.
Nadia Moore "Demon Thief" Deceased 1 as a Disciple, 3 as Juni, 3 as a zombie Betrayed the group and became Lord Loss' assistant. Later she changed her name to Juni Swan. Killed by Meera.
Raz Warlo "Demon Thief" Deceased 1 Killed by demons
Meera Flame "Lord Loss" Deceased 6 Blew up Juni Swan along with herself.
Unnamed elderly disciple "Demon Apocalypse" Deceased 1+ 1 mentioned

Appeared in an alternate timeline

Grubbs Grady "Lord Loss" Alive 8 Part of the Kah- Gash
Bec McConn Bec Alive

6+ 1 As a Ghost

Part of the Kah-Gash
Kirilli Kovacs Death's Shadow Deceased 4 Killed by a demon master