Profession Lord Loss' familiar
Species Demonata
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Blood Beast"
Last Book Appearance "Demon Apocalypse"

Spine is a demon familiar to the mighty Lord Loss, who has the appearence of a small, dark yellow scorpion. Although Spine is small, he is quite the fighter and is one of those characters judged mainly by appearence, but the people who do so would later be proven wrong.

Demon Thief Edit

Spine, although unconfirmed, may have appeared in Demon Theif as when Lord Loss brings his Familiars inside his crystal chess board, there is a scorpion like demon who attacks Dervish that seems to fit Spines description, except much larger. If this is Spine, then Lord Loss must have shrunk Spine between Demon Thief and Blood Beast, which was about 32 years later.

Bec Edit

Spine again may have appeared as Bec described one of the Familiars in the tunnel after it closed to be insect like with a large stinger about the size of a large knife. Though this is unconfirmed.

Blood Beast Edit

Spine, Lord Loss, Femur and Artery all appeared on the plane that Juni and Grubbs were trying to escape in. This is where Spine exibited its special attack of creating open wounds and filling them with hungry maggots. This is also where Juni revealed her true motives

Demon Apocalypse Edit

Spine and the other demons were about to kill Grubbs when Beranabus came in and saved the day, leaving the demons to carry on with their plans. Spine is not seen again until the Disciples last stand where he participated by battling with Kernal eventually gouging out his eyes and releasing the maggots inside, where they blinded him and started eating their way to his brain. Spine was later destroyed by a final attempt by the Kah- Gash. In the new time line, Spine battled with Kernel again, almost winning again, until Bec was reincarnated inside Bill-E's dead body and melted Spine's body.

Appearences Edit

  • Demon Thief (possibly)
  • Bec (possibly)
  • Blood Beast
  • Demon Apocalypse

Trivia Edit

  • Because Spine can spit out eggs with live maggots from it's mouth, it is possible that it is a female.
Like Artery, Vein, and Femur, he is named after a body part