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« Dead if he loses - damned if he wins. The time has finally come for Darren to face his archenemy, Steve Leopard. One of them will die. The other will become the Lord of the Shadows - and destroy the world. Is the future written, or can Darren trick destiny? »

Sons of Destiny (運命の息子 Unmei no Musuko) is volume 12 of the The Saga of Darren Shan manga.


  • "Annie's Son"
  • "Annie's Decision"
  • "Kindred"
  • "A Man's Death"
  • "The Final Confrontation"
  • "Children Of Destiny"
  • "The World Of Dragons"
  • "Green Blood"
  • "That Fateful Day"
  • "Sky"

Novel Differences

  • During Vancha and Gannen's final fight, Vancha takes the upper hand and is about to kill Gannen, but is unable to do it because he truly doesn't want to kill his brother. Gannen takes advantage of this to stab Vancha, only for him to start crying as he's about to deliver the final blow. He's then knocked out by R.V. This doesn't happen in the novel, in which Vancha is quickly defeated and Gannen is knocked down by R.V. as he's about to kill Vancha.
  • Steve tries to apologize to Darren for all his actions after finding out he was manipulated by Mr. Tiny for most of his life. In the novel, Steve is equally regretful, but Darren stops him before he speaks.
  • In the novel, as Darren and Steve drown to their deaths, Steve has been emotionally broken by Darren's lie to him (about stealing his dream to become a vampire on purpose) and keeps trying to stab Darren before he succumbs to his wounds. In the manga, Steve just sadly smiles at Darren before he dies.
  • Darren mourns his broken friendship with Steve, lamenting that they drifted apart because of their bad life choices and Mr. Tiny's manipulations. This doesn't happen in the novel, where Darren has no sympathy for Steve.
  • Darren was trapped in the Lake of Souls for centuries in the novel, while in the manga he was just there for a few weeks. It even shows that Vancha, Harkat, Debbie and Alice are alright.
  • Evanna tried to release Steve from the lake as well, but Mr. Tiny didn't allow her. This doesn't happen in the novel, when she says Steve deserves to bet trapped in the lake for all eternity.
  • Kurda appears in the Lake of Souls in order to push out Darren. In the novel he was already sent to the afterlife, so this doesn't happen.
  • In the manga it's shown that after being scared away by Darren (as a little person), the alternate Darren goes to Steve's house to wait for him. When a dejected Steve returns home, Darren hugs him and is able to convince him to abandon his obsession with becoming a vampire.
  • It's shown what are the other characters doing in the alternate timeline.
    • Mr. Crepsley still works at the Cirque du Freak with Madam Octa.
    • Mr. Tall and the other Cirque members are alright.
    • Vancha is walking in the sunlight on the mountains. Gannen is on the other side of the mountain.
    • Gavner is shown drinking beer alone.
    • Sam is happily cooking onions in his hometown.
    • Debbie is sleeping at home.
    • R.V. still has hands.
    • Mr. Tiny is seen with his army of little people, Harkat being one of them.
    • Kurda is with his two assistants, visiting Glalda and his other vampaneze friends.
    • Paris, Mika, Arrow, Vanez and Arra continue to live in the Vampire Mountain.
  • At the end, Darren dies on top of the Cirque du Freak's tent, hoping to be reunited with Mr. Crepsley in the afterlife. In the manga, he goes to the bridge instead, where he sees the alternate versions of Darren and Steve happily playing together. This convinces him that everything will turn alright for them in the new timeline and peacefully disappears in front of the boys.