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Seba Nile
Profession Former mentor
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Age over 700 (1269-)
Relatives Unnamed Vampire General (Sire)
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Vampire Mountain

Seba Nile (シーバー・ナイル Seba Nairu) is Mr. Crepsley's former mentor and Vampire Mountain's quartermaster. Seba Nile served as a big inspiration to Mr. Crepsley. He dressed in all red, which is where Mr. Crepsley got the idea since the vampire wanted to be just like him. He is the oldest living vampire by the end of the series, at over 700 years old.

Seba has a great interest in spiders, and knows the whereabouts of them are in Vampire Mountain. He warns Darren not to tell the others though, as it is thanks to the spiders that the tick infestation occurred. It seems he is the only Vampire to know of the cure for itching - Spider's cobwebs. He first found the Ba'Halen's Spiders, and helped create the Ba'Shan Spiders.

After Darren learns of Kurda Smahlt's alliance with the Vampaneze and returns to Vampire Mountain, Seba is the first Vampire Darren speaks to about his discoveries, as Seba was the only vampire Darren could be sure of getting in touch with who would also be guaranteed to be against Kurda's plan and believe him. He speaks in aid of Darren and helps him warn the princes about the vampaneze plot.