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Sam Grest
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 12
Relatives Unnamed parents,unnamed brothers,unnamed sister.
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance The Vampire's Assistant

Sam Grest (サム・グレスト Samu Guresuto) is a local boy that Darren Shan and Evra Von became friends with when they stopped for a show in his hometown. He liked pickled onions and had a large family with lots of pets. Sadly, he was brutally killed by the Wolf Man, but Darren drank from him to preserve his soul.


The Saga of Darren Shan

The Vampire's Assistant

« It's so cool. You must be the luckiest guys on the planet. Living with real circus freaks, traveling the world, privy to solemn and magnificent secrets. I'd do anything to trade places with you... »

(Sam after Darren and Evra tells him about the Cirque du Freak)

While doing some chores, Darren and Evra spotted Sam hiding in the bushes, as if spying on them. They pulled a quick prank on him but backfired. The three soon become friends and Sam shows interest in the Cirque du Freak. Sam wants to join the Cirque and wants to persuade them, though Darren and Evra insist that it's not as fun as he thinks. After insisting too much, Darren decides to ask Mr. Crepsley to let Sam join, but he says that only on the condition Sam will become a vampire. Darren doesn't want Sam to go through the same fate as him and scares him away.

However, Sam doesn't give up and decides to sneak in as a stowaway the night the Cirque leaves the town. Unfortunately that night, Reggie Veggie (a vegan man Darren had befriended earlier) set the Cirque's Wolf Man free, because he thought it was cruel to keep it chained in a cage all the time. Of course Darren was partially at fault, since he did tell Reggie that the werewolf wasn't really dangerous.

The werewolf mauls Reggie's hands and attacks Darren and Sam. Darren is knocked out and Sam tries to protect him, but this results in the Wolf Man brutally mauling him. Mr. Crepsley comes in time to subdue the Wolf Man and save Darren, but Sam is on the verge on death. Mr. Crepsley tells Darren that there's nothing they can do for Sam, but Darren can still drink his blood in order to preserve his spirit inside of him. Darren has no choice but to drink Sam's blood dry.

Sons of Destiny

When Darren is transformed into a little person at the end of the series, it's shown that the shard of Sam's spirit leaves his body, pressumably going to the afterlife.

Cirque du Freak Manga

« Drink, Darren....If I can live on inside you...I want you to drink....Then I can be together....with you and Evra forever.[...] I don't care if you're a vampire...I'm not scared....I mean....We're friends, aren't we? »

(Gavner warning Larten about Mr. Tiny)

Unlike the novel, Sam actually encourages Darren to drink his blood after he's been brutally mauled by the Wolf Man. Even though he knows that Darren is a vampire, he says he doesn't mind and wants to keep accompanying Darren and Evra at least in spirit. After he dies, he becomes a spiritual advisor to Darren.

When Darren becomes a little person at the end of the series, Sam's soul leaves his body. He gives Darren a sad smile and thanks him for everything before disappearing to the afterlife.


  • Although never touched in on the main story, the short stories Transylvania Trek and Bride of Sam Grest imply that he possessed somewhat clairvoyant abilities. He inadvertently predicted the manner in which he died, and the existence of the vampaneze Murlough.