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Mr. Dalton
Profession Teacher
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance "Cirque Du Freak"
Movie/Book Character Mr. Kersey

Mr. Dalton is a teacher at Darren's old school. His first name is Ray. He was very fond of Steve Leonard and was a very popular teacher. When he discove When Alan Morris brought a flier advertising the Cirque Du Freak to school, Mr. Dalton cut the address off and spoke to the entire class about freak shows. He later goes to the ticket office to shout at the people there about freak shows but the Little Person there escapes. He was also shown to be care about other students such as Darren Shan and was, like everyone else who knew the young vampire, very devastated when he learnt of his "death" and visited his funeral.

Years later, Mr. Dalton is still working at the same school and is still as popular as ever.


  • He may be the book version of Mr. Kersey but he is an opposite due to him being loved by the kids and Steve Leonard.


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