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Meera Flame
Profession Disciple
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of death Exploded herself in order to take down Juni Swan
Hair Blonde
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Lord Loss"
Last Book Appearance "Dark Calling"

Meera Flame is a close friend of Dervish Grady and constantly pops into his home, it is unknown what she does when she isn't with them as it hasn't been mentioned.


Meera Flame seems to like teasing and flirting with men and boys quite a lot. Dervish states that she is one of few who has survived an encounter with a demon master, but not much else is said.

The Demonata

It is later revealed that she is one of Beranabus's Disciples.

Wolf Island

She is also part of Shark's dirty dozen and one of few to survive the escape from Wolf Island. She also used to have feelings for Dervish, but the affection was not reciprocated because of his unwillingness to have children. Later she kisses Timas Brauss for saving them on Wolf Island.

Dark Calling

In Dark Calling, she participates in a fight with Lord Loss, his apprentice Juni Swan, and thousands of lesser demons. Meera is severely injured, having half of her face and her stomach ripped off. Dervish wants to help her but can't due to his duty to protect Kernel while he is creating a Window as a way out. Although when Dervish spots Juni Swan, he loses control and gets engaged in a battling with her. Juni then torments Meera by gouging her insides out. Meera clutches her tight and Juni realizes she's trying to explode and attempts to back away. But Meera finishes working on exploding spell and the pair explodes into pieces in horror of other disciples.

Powers and Abilities

Meera is a fairly standard mage. In the Demonata universe, she is capable of surviving attack by a large army of demons, but is badly injured in the process. She is weak outside of places of magic.