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Lord of the Shadows (book)
Date Released 2004
Author Darren Shan
Series The Saga of Darren Shan
Publisher Little, Brown
Number of Pages 185
Previous Book "The Lake of Souls"
Succeeding Book "Sons of Destiny"

Lord Of The Shadows is book 11 in The Saga of Darren Shan, by Darren Shan.

Plot summary

People run in terror as a massive tsunami of blood and fire washes them into hell.


Over the course of the book, he encounters Debbie and Alice as they attempt to recruit vampirites to fight with the vampires, like the vampets and vampaneze (The Vampirites are mainly hobos, or homeless people). In this book Darren encounters his sister, Annie, who believes he is dead, Steve and his henchmen, Morgan, Gannen, and R.V., as well as Steve's son, Darius, (who tries to kill him several times) and his old friend Tom Jones,who is now a professional soccer player (R.V. kills him) . Steve and his gang raid the Cirque while Mr. Tall and the others are speaking. Steve kidnaps Shancus, and Morgan kills Mr. Tall. Mr. Tiny and Evanna come to see Mr. Tall, and a startling revelation is made — Evanna and Mr. Tall are brother and sister, therefore making Mr.Tiny Mr.Tall's father. Darren talks with Evanna and realizes that no matter what happens, the harsh future that he and Harkat saw, will eventually come true. That if he did succeed in killing Steve, then he would end up turning evil and killing Vancha and all other vampires who stood in his way. The gang follow Steve to the old abandoned theatre where it all began. Steve says that he is Darren's blood brother, in a way. After the brutal killing of Evra's son Shancus, Darren prepares to surrender himself to destiny and kill Darius, but has second thoughts after a shocking revelation: Annie is Darius' mother, making Darius Darren's nephew.