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Koyasan is a novel by Darren Shan which was released in the UK and Ireland for World Book Day 2006.


Plot introduction

The book is about a young girl called Koyasan, who fears the graveyard in her town where the spirits live. Her younger sister enters the graveyard after dark and her soul is captured. In order to find and retrieve her sister's stolen soul she must battle three spirits and return the soul to her sister's empty body before dawn.

List of characters (Incomplete)

  • Koyasan - Main character in the book, she's afraid of the graveyard but must enter to retrieve her sisters soul.
  • Yamadasan - A young boy who teases Koyasan's fear of the graveyard.
  • Chie - A kid from the village who sheapers goats with Yamadasan.
  • Maiko - Koyasans younger sister, whose soul is taken by the ghosts when she enters the graveyard after dark.
  • Itako - The oldest women in the village, tells Koyasan how to get back her sister's soul.
  • Mistuo - A child from the village.


  • Maiko is named after Darren's good friend Maiko.

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