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« Outnumbered, outsmarted, and desperate, the hunters are on the run, pursued by the vampaneze, the police, and an angry mob. With their enemies clamoring for blood, the vampires prepare for a deadly battle. Is this the end for Darren and his allies? »

Killers of the Dawn (夜明けの覇者 Yoake no Hasha) is volume 9 of the The Saga of Darren Shan manga.


  • "Flight"
  • "Interrogation Room"
  • "Misunderstanding"
  • "Born this Way"
  • "Underground"
  • "The Lord Makes His Entrance"
  • "Victorious"
  • "Decision"
  • "The Cavalry"
  • "The Devil's Whisper"

Novel Differences

  • Mark Ryter commits suicide after Vancha interrogates him, caused the vampire to be impressed at his courage. This doesn't happen in the novel, where Vancha mercy-kills him instead.
  • Mr. Crepsley is shot on the ankle while trying to escape from the police. In the novel, he sprains his ankle instead.
  • Mr. Crepsley telling Darren to kill Steve in the future is omitted in the manga.
  • The final thoughts of Mr. Crepsley are that he wants to be reunited with Arra, Paris and Gavner in the afterlife. This doesn't happen in the manga.