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Holly-Jane Galinec
Gender Female
Species Vampaneze
Age Approx. 150
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Larten Crepsley
First Book Appearance Brothers to the Death

Holly-Jane Galinec is a female vampaneze and Randel Chayne's best friend.


Holly-Jane is energetic and friendly, to the point Larten and Arra warm up to her immediately. Like all vampanezes, she likes violence and fighting and will prefer to die at the hands of a vampire than become a victim of the war. She's also considerate, preferring to drink blood from corpses during World War II, saying that she doesn't want to add to the woes of the victims of the war.


The Saga of Larten Crepsley

Brothers to the Death

« No, no. Randel loves a good fight. I'm sure he'd want me to tell you all that I know. »

(Holly-Jane suspecting that Randel might be dead.)

While Larten Crepsley and Arra Sails are searching for Randel Chayne in Germany, they encounter Holly-Jane. She's living in a city torn by World War II and her left leg was blown up in a stray attack. She's estatic to meet the two vampires, commenting that she would rather prefer to die at the hands of a vampire than by the war.

Holly-Jane invites them to have dinner at her hideout and tells Larten that she and Randel are best friends. Apparently the two vampanezes were supposed to have a duel in Venice, but Randel never came. She believes something must have happened to him, as Randel will never miss out a good fight. Afterwards, Larten and Holly-Jane have a duel, wanting to die at the hands of a vampire. Despite feeling sympathy for her, he understands her wishes and kills her.


  • She's the only known female vampaneze. Larten is impressed by it, as vampanezes are more sexist than vampires and will never accept a woman in their ranks.