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Harkat Mulds
Gender Unknown (possibly male)
Species Little Person
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance The Vampire's Assistant

Harkat Mulds (ハーキャット・マルズ Hakkyatto Marusu) is a little person and an ally of Darren Shan. Somehow he's different from the rest of the little people, as he can speak and show emotions. He's very protective of Darren, as Desmond Tiny promised him that he would regain his memories if he did so.

In The Lake of Souls, it's revealed that he used to be Kurda Smahlt when he was alive, and was sent to the past by Mr. Tiny in order to protect Darren. Despite this, Harkat and Kurda are treated as different people.


Harkat looks like the other little people. He's very short, not much bigger than a child. He has no nose or ears and his face is grey, stitched with shriveled skin and thick arms and muscles. He wears the standard outfit for little people, a blue robe with a hood over his head.


Unlike the other little people, Harkat has emotions and is friendly and smart. He's completely devoted to protect Darren, as Mr. Tiny promised him he'll tell him about who he used to be when he was alive if he helped Darren in his adventures. However, he's quick to call out Darren if he does something that's not morally correct.

His attitude towards Kurda varies in the adaptations. While in the novels, he's disgusted upon finding out he used to be Kurda in his past life and condemns him for being a traitor, in the manga he sympathizes with Kurda, saying he only wanted what was best for everyone.


The Saga of Darren Shan

Cirque Du Freak

When Darren Shan and Steve Leonard go to the Cirque du Freak, a woman is attacked by the wolf man and loses her hand. Mr. Tall fixes it with the help of a couple of little people, one of them being Harkat.

The Vampire's Assistant

After becoming a vampire, Darren joins the Cirque and meets the little people. Harkat later helps Darren and Mr. Crepsley to dig a grave for the recently deceased Sam Grest. Darren is surprised by it, as he assumed him to be emotionless like the rest of the little people.

Tunnels of Blood

Harkat goes hunting with Darren and Evra Von. They nickname him "Lefty", as he has a slight limp on his left leg. Darren notices he's special from the rest of the little people.

Vampire Mountain

« Name...not Lefty. Name...Harkat...Harkat Mulds. »

(Harkat introducing himself to Darren)

As Darren and Mr. Tiny prepare to go to the Vampire Mountain, Mr. Tiny appears and assigns two little people to assist them in their journey, one of them being Harkat.

Along the way, they were attacked by a bear that had ingested vampaneze blood and it killed one of the little people. Harkat used a shattered bone from the slain little person to kill the bear. As Darren thanks him for saving his life, Harkat reveals he can speak and properly introduces himself. After reaching the Vampire Mountain, he's taken into custody by the vampires. For some reason even though he's never been there, he sees the Vampire Mountain as a "nostalgic" place.

Trials of Death

« I acted...for my own sake...not yours. If you die, I might...never find out...who I used...to be. »

(Harkat apologizing after accidentally disqualifying Darren from the trials)

After Darren completes the trial of the Wall of Fire, he's barely able to stand let alone handle his fourth trial. Harkat stays at his side as he recovers for the next trial. Some of Harkat's memories about his former life have returned, but he still doesn't know who he is. It's revealed Mr. Tiny told him that if he followed Darren and stayed by his side, he would eventually find out who he was.

Three days later, Darren faced his fourth trial, the Blooded Boars. He was fighting the boars and seemed to have the upper hand when an injured boar squashed him in place, leaving the other boar to charge at him. At the last moment, it seemed hopeless, but Harkat saved him. Unfortunately, Darren is disqualified from the trial.

The Vampire Prince

« Me too. I won't let... them do anything... crazy to you. »

(Harkat vowing to protect Darren)

After Kurda is executed for betraying the vampires, Harkat reunites with Darren and accompanies him at the funeral of Gavner Purl and Arra Sails.

During Darren's trial, the Vampire Princes regrettably admit that there was no way for them to rework the laws in order to pardon Darren from death. Larten and Harkat stands in Darren's defense. The Princes however instead suggest that, rather than allow Darren to be at the mercy of the vampire laws, they will make Darren an Vampire Prince.

Hunters of the Dusk

Allies of the Night

« Steve Leopard. I've heard much... about you. »

(Harkat meeting Steve for the first time)

While investigating about a group of vampaneze killing humans in the city, Darren encounters his best friend Steve Leonard. Both are ecstatic to see each other again and Steve claims he's a vampire hunter interested about the recent vampaneze murders. While Harkat is suspiscious about Steve at first, he quickly warms up to him and tells him about the little people and the fact he's a dead person. However, Mr. Crepsley remains suspicious of Steve and insists he's evil.

When Steve, Darren, Mr. Crepsley, Debbie Hemlock and Vancha go to the tunnels, they're ambushed by a group of vampanezes. Steve takes Debbie hostage and reveals he is a half-vampaneze, having manipulated Darren and his allies the whole time. He never had any intention to forgive Darren and Mr. Crepsley and is obsessed with getting his revenge on them. In the following battle, Debbie is taken by the vampaneze, but Darren's group manages to take Steve hostage.

Killers of the Dawn

« I don't believe that. I think good and evil exist...in all of us. We might be born leaning more towards...one than the other, but the choice is there. It has to be. Otherwise, we're mere....puppets of fate. »

(Harkat talking with Larten about good and evil)

Steve remains hostage of Darren's group briefly, but helps ensnare them into another trap, this time having them cornered and arrested by human police, who have been led to believe Darren's team are the killers behind the city murders. Darren, Mr. Crepsley and Harkat are arrested. The three succesfully escape and go to the cavern in order to confront the Lord of the Vampaneze and save Debbie.

After saving Debbie, the vampanezes offer for her and Harkat to leave, as they're not part of the conflict, but they decide to stay to help Darren. As Darren is fated to fight against Steve and Vancha is fated to fight against his brother Gannen Harst, Mr. Crepsley challenges the Lord of the Vampaneze and succesfully defeats him. Unfortunately, he is pushed to his death by Steve into a pit of fiery stakes. Darren and his friends are devastated by this, but believe that the War of the Scars is already over. Unfortunately they find out that Steve himself is the true Lord of the Vampaneze, the vampaneze that Mr. Crepsley had killed being only a decoy. He mockingly states that the War of the Scars has begun, leaving Darren and his friends devastated that Mr. Crepsley died for nothing.

The Lake of Souls

« Darren has nothing to do with this. Much of my memory, your...memory is returning. A lot is clear now. I know you the same way I know myself. You always went your own way even to the point of betraying your people, when you thought it was for their best. Be the man in death that you were in life. Decide for yourself. »

(Harkat telling Kurda to decide his own fate)

It's revealed that Harkat was in fact Kurda in his previous life and that he was created by Mr. Tiny for the purpose of protecting Darren as part of his plans for the future. After being reborn as a little person, he forgot all about his life as Kurda. Harkat is not too happy to find out he was a "traitor" in his past life.

Once Kurda's soul is removed from the Lake of Souls, he is faced with a choice between himself and Harkat. While Kurda wants to let Harkat live, he starts to doubt after Mr. Tiny reveals that if he chooses to sacrifice Harkat he might have a chance at life once again. Kurda wants to leave the final decision to Darren, but Harkat says that he has to chose his own fate. In the end Kurda decides to let Harkat live and Kurda's soul is sent to the afterlife.

Back at the Circus, Harkat is playing idly with the panther's teeth and notices that they have engraved letters that form his name. When he rearranges them, he realizes that they form the name "Kurda Smahlt". Despite everything, Harkat decides that who he used to be in the past doesn't change who he is now and will continue protecting Darren.

Lord of the Shadows

Sons of Destiny

Harkat participates with the rest of Darren's group in the War of the Scars, against Steve and the vampanezes. He isn't present to see that Darren sacrifices his life in order to prevent Mr. Tiny's plans.

After the deaths of Darren and Steve, the war still continues. Harkat and Vancha are working for peace between vampires and vampanezes, accomplishing what Kurda failed to do in the past.

Cirque du Freak Manga

« Kurda was....a very strong man. No one will....speak ill...of him now. »

(Harkat after Kurda's execution)

Harkat makes a different debut in the manga. When Darren and Steve are going to the Cirque du Freak, they see Mr. Dalton alongside some cops trying to stop the show. Harkat knocks them down and guides Darren and Steve to the Cirque. He has the same cheerful and loyal personality like the novel. He's also shown to sympathize with Kurda's ideals and is shown to be sad when he's executed.

Unlike the novel, Harkat accepts that he was Kurda in his past life and even defends him from Mr. Tiny when he calls him a traitor. Kurda nobly lets Harkat live out his life while his soul is trapped in the Lake of the Souls once again. He encourages Harkat to keep protecting Darren for the sake of a better world. Before leaving, Harkat gives him a makeshift hair ribbon, finally accepting Kurda as part of himself.

Harkat is shown to be alive in the new timeline, together with other little people commanded by Mr. Tiny. Curiously, Kurda is alive as well.

The Vampire's Assistant Film

In the film, Harkat is uncapable of speech, communicating with grunts and noises. He's very hostile towards humans and tries to bite Darren and Steve in different ocassions. Eventually, he warms up to Darren and votes for him to stay in the Cirque du Freak.

Since Kurda doesn't exist in the film, Harkat instead was a vampaneze that was turned into a little person by Mr. Tiny.


Harkat in an illustration drawn by Takahiro Arai on 2017

  • Even though Harkat and Kurda are treated as separate people, they have many similarities.
    • Both have three marks in the face.
    • They're smart and with a cheerful, sassy personality.
    • Both are sympathetic towards vampaneze.
    • Harkat felt alienated from the rest of the little people, just like how Kurda was an outcast from his fellow vampires.
    • Both are very protective towards Darren.
    • At the end of the series, Harkat is working to unite vampires and vampaneze, which is what Kurda was doing at the beginning of the series.
  • He is the only little person to be capable of speech. It's implied Mr. Tiny did it so he would be more helpful to Darren this way.
    • It's also implied the limp on his leg was intentional so he'll stand out from the virtually identical little people.
  • The short story Lonely Lefty shows he didn't have any friends at the Cirque before meeting Darren. The Cirque members assumed he was emotionless like the rest of the little people. And the little people treated him as an outcast for having emotions.
    • He also has an interest in human holidays like Christmas, possibly coming from his time as Kurda.
  • Harkat Mulds is a anagram of Kurda Smahlt