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Gender Male
Species Vampaneze
Status Deceased (Book series)
Deceased (Manga)
Alive (alternate timeline at the end of the series)
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Trials of Death

Glalda (グラルダー Guraruda) is the leader of a vampaneze gang that are allied to Kurda Smahlt.


He's described as having a round, dark red birthmark on his left cheek. Like all vampaneze, he has purple skin and red hair. In the manga he has a rough appearance and spiked hair.


Glalda is fierce and takes major pride in fighting. Despite this, he shares Kurda's idea to unite vampires and vampaneze in order to prevent the prophecy about the upcoming Lord of the Vampaneze. When he's killed in the novel, he acts surprised and terrified, making Darren Shan realize that vampaneze are people too and not ruthless killers.


The Saga of Darren Shan

Trials of Death

« "He has a knife. Do you want us to let him chop off our fingers while we get it away from him? »

(Glalda trying to kill Darren)

Kurda convinces Darren Shan to escape from the Vampire Mountain after failing the trials. Just as they're leaving, they're found by Gavner Purl, who decides to help them. Gavner insists on taking a path that suspisciously Kurda doesn't want them to go. They take said path, only to find out it's filled with vampaneze, Glalda being one of them.

After Kurda kills Gavner, Darren is horrified and accuses Kurda of being a traitor. Kurda tries to explain the situation to Darren, insisting that it's all "for the greater good" but Darren refuses to listen and runs away. Glalda tries to kill Darren, knowing that the boy will tell the vampires about their location, but Kurda insists he wants him alive.

The Vampire Prince

« "Now, woman. Watch closely - I'll show you how we dispose of your kind! »

(Glalda's words before killing Arra Sails)

Darren returns to the Vampire Mountain, outing Kurda in front of the other vampires. Kurda is arrested and the other vampires form a plan using the spiders of the cave to lure the vampaneze away from their hideout. It works and it escalates in a big fight between vampires and vampaneze.

Glalda fights against Arra Sails, but not before mocking her for being a woman. She ends up getting distracted and he kills her. Darren fights against him to avenge Arra and kills him by stabbing his heart with a dagger. In his last moments, Glalda tries unsuccesfully to take Darren down with him. Afterwards, Darren notices his corpse had a scared look on his face, just like Gavner when he died.

Cirque du Freak Manga

« Foolish vampires....Only digging your own...graves.... »

(Glalda before being killed by Darren)

In the manga Glalda has a more prominent role. He's revealed to be the leader of the vampaneze group of the mountain and was the one who told Kurda about the upcoming Lord of the Vampaneze. While at first Kurda didn't believe in the prophecy, he agreed to help the vampaneze and the two spend three years planning to get into the Vampire Mountain. Glalda is fierce and savage like in the novel, but he's also a good friend of Kurda and believes in his cause.

Kurda, Glalda and Cyrus alive in the new timeline

After Kurda is arrested, the vampaneze start getting impatient and want to leave the cave already, but Glalda orders them to keep waiting until Kurda returns. This results in them being ambushed by the spiders, which escalates in a big fight in which Arra is killed and all the vampaneze are massacred. After Darren mortally wounds him, Glalda mocks him, saying that the vampires are doomed.

When he died, his soul was trapped in the Lake of Souls, alongside Cyrus and the rest of Kurda's allies. Kurda blames himself for their deaths so much, that he willingly stays in the lake to be with them forever. Glalda is shown to be alive in the new timeline, together with Kurda and Cyrus.


  • Glalda has more characterization in the manga than in the novel, possibly because it's written from Darren's point of view and he sees him as an enemy. In the manga he's a fierce yet thoughtful vampaneze. He also shares Kurda's ideal to unite both races.
  • While on the novels, Kurda says that one of his vampaneze friends told him about the upcoming Lord of the Vampaneze, the manga reveals that it was Glalda.