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Evra Von
Elder Evra Von.jpg
Profession Freak
Gender Male
Species Human/Snake (Serpentine)
Age 14-15Book Series
Relatives Merla (wife)
Shancus (son)
Lilia (daughter)
Urcha (son)
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Cirque Du Freak
Movie/Book Character Evra Von (Movie)
First Movie Appearance Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Acted By Patrick Fugit

Evra Von (エブラ・フォン Ebura Bon) is a snake boy and a member of The Cirque du Freak.

In the Books

Evra Von from the manga by Takahiro Arai

Evra Von was Darren Shan's first real friend after becoming a vampire and remained a trustworthy ally during Darren's life. He was a 'snake-boy' (his skin was either covered by or made of scales.) He was born to normal parents, though when they saw him, they were horrified, and left him to live at an orphanage. There, he was picked on by the other kids until he was four and was bought by a cruel circus owner. For seven years, he lived there, being abused and neglected, kept in a glass tank, and forced to feel ugly, useless, and freakish. When he was eleven, Mr. Tall came and rescued him by killing his previous "owner." Evra stayed with the Cirque his entire life, and met another freak named Merla, with whom he fell in love. He had three children with Merla (who has detachable ears), named Lilia (a little snake-girl), Shancus (a snake-boy, and named after Darren) and Urcha (the only normal skinned child of Merla and Evra).

Shortly before Mr. Tall's death, the Von home was invaded by R.V. and Morgan. They cut up one of the family's three snakes, and started on a second when they were interrupted by Mr. Tall, Darren, Vancha March and the others. R.V. took young Shancus, who had just turned eight, hostage. Morgan murdered Mr. Tall when he tried to rescue the child, and they escaped with Shancus in tow. They were pursued by Vancha, and led to the old theater where Darren and Steve, who would later become the Vampaneze Lord, first saw the Cirque du Freak perform. Shancus was killed by Steve, despite the fact that Darren had taken Steve's own son, Darius Shan (who later was revealed as Darren's nephew) hostage. He almost killed Steve himself for revenge for killing Shancus (his oldest son) but is stopped by Mr. Tiny.





Tseng's (TAKO) drawing of Evra

  • Evra speaks with an American accent and is shy, which Darren thinks is due to his abusive childhood.