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Profession Druid
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Brude (Brother)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Bec"

Drust, a male Druid is Bec's mentor. Leading Bec McConn, Goll, Bran, Ronan, Connla, Lorcan and Fiachna through an island, he reaches the tunnel in which he attempts to cut off a tunnel that links the island to the realm of Demonata. He is killed by Bec, who slices his throat with her nail; a sacrifice of a Druid or Priestess was required to close the tunnel, but before this Bran throws a knife into his back as he heard that Drust was going to sacrifice and kill Bec.

Chess and Lord Loss

He is seen playing a game of chess by himself, and at one time Lord Loss is interested, asking him "what is that game? Can you teach me?". Therefore, it is thought he is the person that originally gave Lord Loss an appetite for chess. In addition to this, he has the Origin Board (the first chess board ever made, with magical properties). Lord Loss takes it from his dead body and is currently in possession of this.

Closing the Tunnel

He originally was going to sacrifice Bec, but is reduced to a half-life state by Bran (article yet to be made).


Drust is an accomplished user of magic, knowing many spells and tricks. He is quite powerful in ancient Ireland, a time when magic was in the air, fighting off multiple Fomorii and demonata.

Appearances he is frightful of a

Appearanceser such as Lord Loss.


  • "Bec"
  • hell's heroes ( as skeleton)