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Dermot Shan (Book)
Mr. Shan (Movie)
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Angela Shan (wife)
Darren Shan (son)
Annie Shan (daughter)
Darius Shan (grandson)
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Cirque Du Freak
Movie/Book Character Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Acted By Don McManus

Dermot Shan or Mr. Shan in the movie is supposedly Darren Shan's father. He is also the father of Annie Shan and the husband of Angela Shan. Little did they know that it was actually Desmond Tiny who secretly impregnated Angela, making him the real father of Darren, and Dermot more of a step-father. He liked to garden and talk to people around the world before Darren's 'death'.

After Dermot and Angela had helped Annie raise Darius, he and Angela moved away as the house reminded them of Darren, leaving Annie at the house with Darius. Annie's neighbor mentioned that Dermot had suffered a minor heart attack.


  • He wears size 12 shoes. [1]

In the movie

In the movie, he is shown as very authoritarian and particularly concerned with the path that Darren chooses in life, stressing over and over that this path should be "college, job, family" in that order.