Demon Thief
Author Darren Shan
Series The Demonata
Publisher HarperCollins
Previous Book "Lord Loss"
Succeeding Book "Slawter"

Demon Thief is a book in Darren Shan's The Demonata series. Though it is the second book in the series, it is a prequel to Lord Loss, the first book in the series. The protagonist is also different from that of the first book, a character called Kernel Fleck, who is the narrator of the book. Demon Thief takes place thirty years before Lord Loss so most of the characters from the first book did not appear, though a few did.

Plot Edit

Cornelius "Kernel" Fleck has spent all of his life seeing strange glowing shapes floating through the air, which he could manipulate and join. One day, being particularly depressed he is playing with some shapes that are flashing, joining them together. He opens a window and something (later discovered to be Lord Loss) passes through before returning. Kernel follows it and disappears. A few days later Kernel returns with his baby brother, Art (Artery). However, Kernel doesn't remember anything of the past few days. When he gets back he has no recollection of what happened, and is clutching his brother. The parents are troubled by this and move to a new town far away from the city called Paskinston.

After a year in Paskinston he is confronted by the local supposed

Tag Lines Edit

  • Go to hell

Time Edit

The story is set in the 1970s. Evidence suggesting this is the fact that at a rock concert during the story, Dervish Grady (as a punk) clearly says "It's the new movement". It was during this movement the Sex Pistols came into the public eye and that Kernel mentions packing up his records when moving to a new house.