Death's Shadow
Deaths shadow
Date Released May 1st 2008
Author Darren Shan
Series The Demonata
Publisher HarperCollins
Number of Pages 238
Previous Book "Demon Apocalypse"
Succeeding Book "Wolf Island"

Death's Shadow is the seventh installment in Darren Shan's The Demonata series, which was released in May 2008.

It takes place six months after Demon Apocalypse and is narrated by Bec McConn.

Synopsis Edit

omes to visit. Bec goes to open the door when she realizes her magical ability as a part of the Kah-Gash. She tries to duck before Meera hugs her, but fails and absorbs some of her innermost memories. Meanwhile, Dervish comes downstairs to find Meera. Delighted to see Meera, he invites her upstairs to his study so they could talk business. Meera refuses saying that they have nothing to hide from Bec. Then out of nowhere, Meera suggests they have a "girls night' to get to know each other a little better. Thats when all secrets are revealed.

They both go up to Bec's room and start stripping. As Meera starts to ask how things have been going with Dervish, knowing she can't hide anything from Meera considering she is the only one she can actually open up to. She starts explaing how Dervish only uses her for Bill-E. What Dervish doesn't understand is that she is not Bill-E. She can't just waste her life recalling Bill-E's thoughts emotions, and memories. Meera jolts right up and tells Bec she would never have any man treat her like that, especially someone like Dervish whom she adores.

Near the end of their conversation Meera bursts through the door and says that there are three werewolves that broke into their house. Bec, Dervish and Meera retreat to the magically defended study. Trapped, they try an obvious escape route outside, but discover there are gunmen marking the house. However, Dervish reveals that he has two escape routes. When one fails they decide to use the other and after a tussle with the werewolves, end up at the cellar. Once there Dervish has a heart attack and Meera calls the Disciples, but only Shark and Sharmila are available.

By the time Shark and Sharmila arrive, the werewolves and the mysterious human gunmen have disappeared. Dervish is taken to hospital while Shark and Meera search for Beranabus to bring him to their aid. Unfortunately, the hospital falls victim to a demon attack, led by a regenerated (but horribly mutated) Juni Swan. During a fight on the roof, she disables Sharmila, pinning her to a wall while other demons bite her legs off. She briefly engages Bec in battle, but Dervish recovers and blasts her into submission. She retreats through the window, injured but alive.

Beranabus, Grubbs, Kernel, Shark and Meera then arrive. While discussing their plans, they discover that Dervish will die without constant magical aid from the Demonata's universe. After some brief recuperation, they discover that Juni has moved to a boat (This is where the original title 'S.S Demonic' comes from.) On the cruise liner, they find all of passengers sripped apart. They also discover that the ship is encased within a bubble of magic, akin to Slawter, which allows Sharmila's artificial legs and Dervish's heart to work. Leaving Kernel behind to guard the window, the others proceed to the lower decks, accompanied by Kirilli, a 'spy' disciple that survived the attack by shielding his presence with a masking spell.

Prey to the hospital mayham they are attacked Beranabus and the others arrive with a new plan to switch both of them. Grubbs and Bec to switch jobs. Grubbs goes on to find out why the werewolves attacked and Bec goes to find Juni. As a result, Beranabus ends up dying. With only a little bit of strength left in his body, he says goodbye to bec one last time. She discusses what happened with the Shadow when she ouched it saying that she knew Beranabus was meant to die. Also that what they called the Shadow was Death itself.

Trivia Edit

  • The book's title could be a pun as there is an apostrophe in Death's. It could mean Death is a shadow or it could be just like a name, e.g. Bob's Shadow.
  • The book was originally planned to be called S.S Demonic as it begins on a ship. But Darren's editor said that that name should not be used as the word Demon also appeared in the title of Demon Apocylapse the previous book.[1]
  • This is the second book in The Demonata which took place directly after the previous book. The first one was Demon Apocylapse