• Vote for your favorite articles. When you come across an article you like, you can nominate it, just follow all the rules.
  • Nominations do count as a vote, just make sure you make it obvious that it is a vote, by leaving your signature there too.
  • When voting For or Against, please change the score number accordingly—this saves a lot of time later.
  • IP votes carry half the weight of registered votes.
  • Nonsigned votes and votes without timestamps will be struck out, so make sure you sign your votes with ~~~~ or press the "your signature with timestamp" button (Button sig) above the edit box.
  • When nominating an article, the template Template:VFH should be added to the end of the article using {{VFH}}. Anything you add {{VFH}} to also shows up in Category:Feature nomination.
  • Voters: Please don't be rude, leave constructive criticism to the nominator of the article.
  • If your article doesn't make it to the front page, try to fix it up. You can always nominate it some other time again.
THIS IS A VOTE, NOT A DISCUSSION. If you have to discuss something, do it HERE.
Violators of this policy will be warned.

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