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Darius Shan
Darius Shan as seen in the Cirque du Freak manga
Gender Male
Species Half-Vampire
Age 11
Relatives Darren Shan (Sire/uncle)
Annie Shan (mother)
Steve Leonard (father)
Dermot Shan (grandfather)
Angela Shan (grandmother)
Desmond Tiny (grandfather)
Hibernius Tall (uncle)
Evanna (aunt)
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Lord of the Shadows

Darius Shan (ダリウス・シャン Dariusu Shan) is the son of Steve Leonard and Annie Shan. He was conceived before Steve became a half-vampaneze, intending to use the boy as part of his revenge against Darren.


He is described as having bright blue eyes and dark blond hair.


When Steve seemingly reconnects with him and introduces him to the world of vampires, Darius agreed to work for him hoping that it would gain him his father's love and respect. After finding out he was just a pawn in his plans, Darius is disgusted by Steve's cruelty and pettiness.

Darren notices that Darius is similar to Steve, being aggressive and determined to get what he wants. However, he's also loyal to the people he cares about and is very protective of his mother.


The Saga of Darren Shan

Lord of the Shadows

« Shall I shoot him now, Dad? »

(Darius before shooting Darren)

When the Cirque du Freak returns to Darren's hometown, Darius lures Darren to the football stadium, where his old friend Tom Jones is playing. Unknown to Darius, Steve's associates R.V. and Morgan James murder Tom and then lead Darren into a trap, where Darius shoots him with an arrow-gun.

Darius then takes part in the raid of the Cirque du Freak in which Mr. Tall is killed by Morgan and Shancus Von is kidnapped. Darius is captured by Darren and Harkat Mulds as a hostage. Though Darren wants to kill Darius, Harkat persuades him to use the boy as bargaining chip to save Shancus. However, when he is taken to his father's base at the theatre, Darius sees Steve's cruelty when he kills Shancus, just to see whether Darren will be prepared to kill his son in retaliation. Just as Darren is about to murder Darius, Steve reveals the boy is his nephew.

Sons of Destiny

« I wouldn't have helped if I'd known. I grew up thinking vampires were evil, like in the movies. When Dad came to me a few years ago and said he was on a mission to stop them, I thought it was a great adventure. I thought he was a hero. I was proud to be his son. I'd have done anything for him. I did... »

(Darius realizing he was manipulated by Steve)

Knowing the truth about Darius's origins, Darren tells the boy to go home. Unfortunately, Vancha March notices Darius has been blooded by Steve and will become a vampaneze soon. Darren proceeds to explain Darius about the truth of the vampanezes and why Steve resents him so much.

Back home, Darren meets Annie after so many years. Even though she doesn't believe at first about the vampires, she accepts it when Darius tells her that he sought his father. Annie explains that Steve left Annie after she became pregnant, stating that he never loved her and was just using her for the sake of his revenge against Darren. As Darius grew up, Steve secretly visited him without Annie's knowledge, and filled the boy's head with lies about how vampanezes are good and vampires are evil with Darren being the worst of all.

In order to save Darius from becoming a vampaneze, Darren rebloods the boy as a half-vampire. The two survive, but Darren and his allies are immediately forced to set off for the Cirque du Freak in order to fight against Steve again. Darius and Annie are sent away to the Vampire Mountain for their own protection.


  • Darren remarks that Darius is "an odd name". It's implied Annie named him after Darren.