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Allies of the Night
Allies of the night.jpg
Date Released 2002
Author Darren Shan
Series The Saga of Darren Shan
Publisher Little, Brown
Previous Book "Hunters of the Dusk"
Succeeding Book "Killers of the Dawn"

The new cover featuring R.V.

Allies of the Night is the eighth book in The Saga of Darren Shan and the second of the Vampire War trilogy.

Plot Summary

Darren and Mr. Crepsley went back to Crepsley's hometown to investigate if the Vampaneze had set up territories there. Darren was noticed, and he found out he had to attend school. People were killed during the night, so Mr.Crepsley and Darren investigated. Debbie Hemlock turned out to be Darren's teacher, even though she was now older than Darren, after 13 years. Darren was a student of Debbie. Crepsley had to go back to Vampire Mountain for Paris' funeral. Darren encounters an unknown Vampaneze with hooks for hands,and a mask wrapped around his face. Darren was attacked by Vampaneze and was then saved by Steve. Steve joins Darren for the hunt of the Vampaneze. Darren later reveals himself as a vampire to Debbie. Debbie joins Darren and Steve for the fight. Mr.Crepsley comes back later, and helps Darren pursue the Vampaneze, but doesn't trust Steve. Vancha also joins again later. They chased the hooked Vampaneze to the sewers at night. The Vampaneze led them to a trap. The Vampaneze Lord shows up, and Darren and his team were to kill him as their objective. Steve show his true side later betraying Darren and his friends. The hooked Vampaneze was revealed to be R.V. ( Previously Reggie Veggie, now Righteous Vampaneze). Steve joined the Vampaneze as revealed. A fight begins between the Hunters and the Vampaneze. Vancha charges through the Vampets, scattering them and Mr. Crepsley follows, slicing with his nails to bring down many Vampaneze. Darren soon beats Steve and is about to finish him off, but R.V. uses Debbie as a hostage, so Darren Shan does not kill Steve Leonard. R.V., Gannen Harst and the Vampaneze Lord soon leave. Darren and his friends took a Vampet and Steve as their hostage and was given a warning by Gannen to leave the tunnels immediately or he'll send Vampaneze to finish them off.