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Alicia Dunyck
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Larten Crepsley (Ex-Fiance)
Jean (Husband)
Sylva (Daughter)
Gavner Purl (Adopted Son)
Status Deceased (Book series)
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Larten Crepsley
First Book Appearance Palace of the Damned

Alicia Dunyck is a human and fiance of Larten Crepsley. Unfortunately he was forced to leave her after he was outed as a vampire and accused of a crime he didn't commit. She's also the mother of Sylva and adoptive mother for Gavner Purl.

In Brothers to the Death, she was murdered by Wester Flack and made Larten think that a vampaneze did it, in order to support his campaign to start a war against vampanezes.


Alicia is described as a woman with long red hair and green eyes. She has a beautiful face and likes wearing fashionable dresses.


The Saga of Larten Crepsley

Palace of the Damned

« I asked you once not to harm Tanish Eul. Do you remember? I take that back. Find him, Vur. Kill him. And make that monster - that abductor of my child - suffer before you finish him off. »

(Alicia giving Larten permission to kill Tanish Eul)

She and Larten Crepsley meet in 1902, when he was looking for a home for the baby Gavner Purl. He felt a connection with her and noticed how lonely she was, so he began courting her. While at first she was wary of Larten, because of shady rumors about him, she ends up warming up to him. Alicia also adopts Gavner and raises him to be a cheerful and energetic boy, as he was quiet and shy due to being raised by the emotionally-distant Larten. After four years, Larten proposes to Alicia, who accepts.

Unfortunately, Tanish Eul outs Larten as a vampire, forcing him to leave the city and separate from Alicia and Gavner. Larten reunites with Alicia one last time before saying goodbye. While at first she's angry that he lied to her, she forgives him. She also advices him not to get revenge on Tanish, as Gavner sees him as a father figure and will be upset if Larten does something to him. Larten leaves and in the following years, Alicia marries a man named Jean. They have a daughter named Sylva, who sees Gavner as a big brother. However, Gavner starts acting rebellious towards Alicia, blaming her for Larten's departure. He starts working as an assistant for Tanish, who makes him a vampire. Gavner then runs away from home to be with Tanish.

Years later, Larten visits Alicia again, now an old woman. She tells him that Jean died in World War I and that Gavner is gone, as Tanish took him to make him a vampire. She tells Larten that he has her permission to kill Tanish, as she wanted Gavner to have a normal life.

Brothers to the Death

« That's sweet of you. But I'm an old woman. You can't have any real interest in me after all these decades! I'm a wrinkly hag! »

(Alicia insisting that she can't be with Larten)

After killing Tanish and returning Gavner, Larten continues to visit Alicia. Even though he wants to marry her, she says they can't be together, as he's a vampire and she's an old woman. Despite this, they enjoy their time together, alongside Gavner and Sylva. In the onset of World War II, Larten and Gavner leave, in order to meet with Mika ver Leth and Arra Sails for negotiations with the Nazis.

Alicia is later murdered by Wester Flack, who was manipulated by Desmond Tiny that if he killed someone close to Larten, he'll help him in his campaign to start a war against vampanezes.

The Saga of Darren Shan

Cirque du Freak

Steve Leonard is able to recognize Larten as a vampire after he saw an old book featuring a portrait of Larten and Alicia back when they were engaged.


  • Ironically, the 2009 film mentions that Larten had a girlfriend named Hester Collins, whom he was forced to leave. He met her again when she was an old woman, but he still loved her nonetheless. Even though the movie is non-canon, Hester's description is similar to Alicia.
  • She calls Larten "Vur", as he was using his cousin's name when he met her. She continues to use it even after finding out his real name though.